Himiko Toga

Gender: Female


Language: English


Significance: Season 2, ep 18; Season 3, ep 6

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Himiko Toga (渡ト我ガ被ヒ身ミ子コ Toga Himiko?)[2] is a major supporting character and a member of the League of Villains, affiliated with the Vanguard Action Squad.[3] She and the rest of her team serve as the main antagonists of the Forest Training Camp Arc, and she is also featured as an antagonist during the Provisional Hero License Exam Arc and the Internship Arc.

Line 1: (To Tomura Shigaraki) I wanna be Mr. Stainy! I wanna kill Mr. Stainy! So lemme join you, Tomura!
Line 2: (To Tsuyu Asui) You're bleeding already, Tsuyu, my good friend! Isn't blood cute? I love it so.
Line 3: (To Ochaco Uraraka) Ochaco... You're a lovely one too. You've got the same scent as me. There's someone you're crushing on. And you're thinking you wanna be just like him. I can tell. One maiden to another. Of course you wanna be like the one you love. It's natural. So you end up decking yourself out to look like him. But after enough time, even that's not enough. You literally want to become him. There's no helping it. So what's your type? I love tattered guys reeking of blood. That's why I always carve people up in the end. Right, Ochaco? It's fun, right? A good romance is so much fun!

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