Katsuki Bakugou

Gender: Male


Language: English

Accent: American


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Katsuki Bakugo (爆ばく豪ごう勝かつ己き Bakugō Katsuki?), also known as Kacchan(かっちゃん?) by his childhood friends,[1] is the deuteragonist of My Hero Academia. He is a student training to become a Pro Hero at U.A. High School.

Line 1: (0:24) Hey! Deku you bastard! Tell me how you did that or you're dead!
Line 2: (0:37) I'm the real deal but these guys would be lucky to end up as sidekicks to some busted D-lister.
Line 3: (0:56 & 1:11 & 1:46) *Yelling Lines)

Role Cast!



Bakugay 0

MisterJerome 2

Bakugay 2

Bakugay 2

DustyRaider 2

Rexipher 7

JinxArrow 9

JinxArrow 15