Eijiro Kirishima

Gender: Male


Language: English

Accent: American


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Eijiro Kirishima (切きり島しま鋭えい児じ郎ろう Kirishima Eijirō?), also known as the Sturdy Hero: "Red Riot" (剛健ヒーロー 烈怒頼雄斗レッドライオット Gōken Hīrō Reddo Raiotto?) is a student at U.A. High School training to become a Pro Hero.

Line 1: (0:13) Let's go kick some ass!! I'm pumped for these games!!!
Line 2: (0:36) Present mic sure did talk us up a lot! Kinda makes me nervous--how you feelin' man?
Line 3: (0:53) I'm aliiiiiveeeee!!! Todoroki! I can't believe you pulled something like that--jeeze, anyone but me would have been killed!

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