Gender: Male


Language: English


Significance: Season 3, ep 3-6

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Line 1: Coming at me like the Terminator, huh? And why're you just charging in like a madman? Give me a break. You're getting a top-notch education at a famous school. At least use some strategy. If're barely worth killing.
Line 2: Bwa ha ha ha! It's two-on-one, so one of you decided to hide for a sneak attack?! Ha ha ha! Simple. Pitifully simple. I'm creating this gas and controlling it!! Every move you make...creates ripples and tells me where you are! There's no hiding from me!! Why's that so unthinkable to you? You're from U.A., so show me something more! I guess I'll forgive you for an attack like that...
Line 3: Hey...aren't you supposed to be heroes someday? It doesn't make much sense to a simpleton like you gets praised because of your school's're pampered by the world just because of your alma mater!! Don't ya think it's not right?!

Mustard (マスタード) is a villain affiliated with the League of Villains and a member of the organization's Vanguard Action Squad.

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