A message from The Founder

Dear ,

"Welcome, to the Hero Academia: Beyond website! Thank you for helping this project become more than we could have imagined! First, why a website such as this? Well, here, you can find information and updates from the game’s developers in the Blog, under a number of different categories. So to learn more about the game, its past and what the future holds, the Blog might be worth checking out.

Under About Us, as expected, you can find information on the creators; who they are, what they do and why etc.

If you are interested in voice acting we have a Casting Call, where you can find instructions on how to audition; where to send it in, what type of sound file etc.

Now, if you have any further questions we have a FAQ were much is tackled, but if you still have a question you can contact us on the bottom of the Home page, or on our Discord Server, which is linked here.

Thank you again and our next stop, as always, is further beyond! Plus Ultra!"

~ From all of us at Hero Academia: Beyond