Taishiro Toyomitsu — Fat Gum

Gender: Male


Language: English


Significance: Chapter 132 (Manga), Episode 68 (Anime)

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Line 1: Remember this lesson, Red Riot!! When fighting villains... quickly making them lose the will to fight is everything!!
Line 2: Your Choice!
Line 3: Anime/Video Game Sounds

Taishiro Toyomitsu (豊満とよみつ太たい志郎しろう Toyomitsu Taishirō?),[1] also known as BMI Hero: Fat Gum (BMIビーエムアイヒーロー ファットガム Bīemuai Hīrō Fatto Gamu?), is a Pro Hero. He employed Tamaki Amajiki and Eijiro Kirishima for their internships.

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