Sir Nighteye

Gender: Male

Age: 38

Language: English



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Line 1: (Casual) So you want to do a work study here in order to become stronger?
Line 2: (Worried, desperate) I will change the future! At this rate, it'll all go according to my Foresight! That can't happen! I'm here because I wanted to do something to help you! All Might! If you continue like this, you'll face off against a villain and die an unspeakably gruesome death!
Line 3: (Proud, retrospective) At first, I only lured you in as a vessel for One For All. But you followed me and believed in me, and before I knew it, you became my pride... Mirio, you'll be... fine. You'll become a finer hero than anyone else... This is the only future... that shouldn't be changed. So smile... a society without cheer and humor... will not have... a bright future...

Sir Nighteye is the strict, intimidating, and laugh-seeking past sidekick of All Might. He's All Might's biggest fan, and always represents the importance of smiles and laughter, though of course he himself has a colder serious demeanor. Sir Nighteye is very critical and skeptical of many heroes, including Deku, he's also a refined, well mannered, and blunt. 

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