Gender: Male

Age: 23

Language: English



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Line 1: (Calm, playful) "Heyy hey! Come on Endeavor, you looked great! Look, all in all this will just increase your likability, and between you and me you kinda' need it. Hey, how about lunch on me? I know this great place downtown."
Line 2: (Serious, cold) "There are those league of villain lackeys with their nomus. And then there's that rouge villain who keeps leaving charred up bodies everywhere. Could they be connected somehow? No matter what, I'm going to get to the bottom of this and stop them."
Line 3: (Shouting, exhausted) "Hey! Come on Endeavor! Haven't you ever been in a kitchen? It's bad form not to cut your meat into small even pieces! Ah! There's the nomu! Endeavor! Take my wings!"

Hawks is the layed-back number 2 hero. His mentality is that heroes should have a lot of time off, because heroes work hard and there are a lot of bad people out there. Hawks works extremely hard, and is broke many pro hero age records, many people call him "too fast". His voice is always relaxed and calm. He's a kind man, and even when he's serious he can still have a little play with his voice. Though, he does get 'serious' serious here and there, where his voice becomes stone-cold. Make sure to make the cool tone in his voice prominant and natural, but have some strong energy in the louder line too.

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