Gang Orca

Gender: Male

Age: 35

Language: English

Accent: American


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Line 1: (Serious and Calm) "When it comes to protecting people in cities... a hero's job is complex and multifaceted. There's the actual rescuing... plus... dealing with enemies. Can you really handle... both situations?"
Line 2: (Frustrated) "Do you even want to be a hero!?"
Line 3: (Reassuring and confident) "Don't worry ma'am, by the end of today, I believe they will change your class and grasp the hearts of the children."

Kugo Sakamata (逆さか俣また空くう悟ご, Sakamata Kūgo?), also known as Killer Whale Hero: Gang Orca (ギャングオルカ, Gyangu Oruka?), is the former No. 10 Pro Hero and the current No. 12 Pro Hero.[3] He was a member of the Hideout Raid Team and the makeshift villain during the Provisional Hero License Exam.

Gang Orca is a tall, well-built man whose body has the features of a killer whale thanks to his mutant-type Quirk. He has deep white eyes that feature several rings that circle his red pupils. At times he can look extremely menacing, which is why he's ranked third in heroes that look like villains.

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