Shinsou Hitoshi

Gender: Male


Language: English



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Line 1: How sad to come here and find a bunch of egomaniacs. I wanted to be in the hero course but like many others here I was forced to choose a different track. Such is life.
Line 2: That is you right? Izuku Midoria. Pleasure---so, you excited?
Line 3: He won’t answer, did he figure it out? No, I have to get him to talk again - Come on, say something. I didn’t know you had so much power in your fingers. I’m kind of jealous of you. Thanks to the way my quirk works I’ve always been at big disadvantage but someone as blessed as you wouldn’t understand. You’re lucky enough to have a heroic quirk it’ll be so easy for you to reach your goal… Say something dammit!

Shinsou Hitoshi (心操人使「しんぞうひとし」) is a student in U.A. High School's General Department from Class 1-C.

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Scouting the competition. Maybe some of my peers are, but I'm here to let you know that, if you don't bring your very best, I'll steal your spot right from under you.

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