Hatsume Mei

Gender: Female


Language: English



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Line 1: Failure is the mother of invention, Mr. Powerloader. Thomas Edison said something once. Even if something I make doesn’t work like I envisioned it, doesn’t mean it’s a waste of time
Line 2: Hehehe, Yes, finally this is my chance to show off what I can do. My support items are going to steal the spotlight from these wannabe heros. Everyone, observe what my gadgets can do. Fire arrows and hover souls.
Line 3: A capture gun to use against villains the nets are loaded into small cartridges, you can fire up to five before having to reload and and all of these items were developed by your’s truly. Mei Hatsume, support course prodige

Hatsume Mei (発目明「はつめめい」) is a student of U.A. High School's Department of Support from Class 1-H.

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