Aoyama Yuuga

Gender: Male


Language: English

Accent: American (Twinkling)


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Line 1: My costume's not just sheek; it channels blasts from my belly button, which means: you've got nothing to worry about mademoiselle!
Line 2: About Izuku Midoriya? Is it--because you like him?
Line 3: Weeee! And---I've got you!

Aoyama Yuuga (青優雅「あおやまゆうが」) is a student at U.A. High School training to become a Pro Hero.

Role Cast!



Saitogami 1

justinfava 0

Kris D 1

MisterJerome 1

PresidentLeon 1

miakachan 0

Japaria_ 8

Kaiver88 8