Rabbit Hero: Miruko - Rumi Usagiyama

Gender: Female

Age: 26

Language: English



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Line 1: I live every day of my life like there's no tomorrow so that when my number's up, I can check out with no regrets! No way this horde of zombies is gonna end Mirko the Hero!!
Line 2: Quick as a rabbit! It's no sweat. If you're going to die, get the job done first... I'm Mirko!! And I'm not done yet! Because a Hero never, ever... gives up!!
Line 3: The second this guy came into view...my body just knew. My rabbit survival instincts told me...that this dude is bad news! This thing! It can't be released into the world!! No matter the cost!!

Misc lines:
"To all plotters and schemers out there!! Hope you're ready for me to kick your butts."
"Only weaklings join teams!"
(Attack Noises - see video below on right)

Rumi Usagiyama (兎うさぎ山やまルミ Usagiyama Rumi?), also known as Rabbit Hero: Mirko (ラビットヒーロー ミルコ Rabitto Hīrō Miruko?) is the No. 5 Pro Hero.[5]

Rumi's Quirk gives her the attributes and abilities of a rabbit. This grants her incredible leg strength, allowing her to jump and kick with extreme force; she can even destroy large chunks of the ground by thumping her foot. She also has excellent hearing thanks to her rabbit-like ears and possesses animal instincts that alert her to nearby danger.

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