Hiryu Rin

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Language: English


Significance: Season 5, Episode 4

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Line 1: (Calm and collected) "Closing in? They must have our locations.. None of them have a quirk that can search, right?"
Line 2: (Startled) "Hey Apocabeast--HEY!! Something's stuck to you. Isn't that one of Kaminari's.... We don't know exactly who's going to show up!! Get back Shishida! Just in case it's Kaminari! He has a wide range of attack!"
Line 3: (Heat of battle) "Asui!~ She's got some slick moves afterall!! (Attack grunts)... Shishida, Asui's hiding!! (inner dialogue) So much for communication... (Powerful Grunt - Receiving damage)"

Hiryu Rin (鱗りん飛ひ竜りゅう Rin Hiryū?),[1] also known as Dragon Shroud (龍ロン帷ウェイ子ヅゥ Ron Wei Dzū?), is a Class 1-B student in U.A. High School, training to become a Pro Hero.

Scales (鱗うろこ Uroko?): Hiryu's Quirk allows him to sprout strong, durable reptilian scales from his skin. These scales protect him like armor; he can also shoot these scales with considerable strength and speed.

Sufficient force can break through Hiryu's scale armor.[3]

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