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Line 1: (Calm, cool, trying to act normal) "This girl here, she's actually my daughter. So, if you don't need anything then the two of us will be on our way. Come on Eri, follow dad."
Line 2: (Angry, shouting) "Don't touch me! You're sick! Tainted! My work will clean the world of the disgusting quirks that plague it! And I'll start, by cleansing you!!!"
Line 3: (Sad, sudden shock, regret, crying out in fear) "No- no! My, my quirk... the old man... this can't be happening! Help! Someone! Do something! Someone!!!"

Overhaul is the self-made leader of the Shie Hassaikai yakuza syndicate. He's calm, cool, clever, and obsessed with cleanliness. If things don't go his way his collected demeanor turnes into frenzied tantrum. His attitude is fickle, so make sure to nail his cool normal self, as well as his manic aggressive form too. And make sure to really yell and shout!

Note: Some of these lines may not be present in any MHA material. 

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