Gender: Female

Age: 25

Language: English



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Line 1: (Enthusiastic) "Welcome to Endeavor's agency! We're the flaming sidekicks! This is the first work-study for Bakugou and Shoto right?
Line 2: (Loud, physical exertion from exercising) "GOOD MORNING! So how's the 'eliminating villains faster than Endeavor' going for y'all? Ahh my bad my bad!! I shouldn't be so insensitive!!"
Line 3: (Comforting and somber) "Hey now, ya' won't make progress like that without some serious work. Watch Endeavor closely, and learn as much as ya' can. I know you can do it!"

Burnin is a hot-blooded member of Endeavor's hero agency! She acts as yet another introdction to the sudents of a pro hero on their way through agencies. She's gung-ho, energetic, and loud woman with a fiery attitude! When recording lines make sure to sound excited, expressive in her volume, and don't be afraid to really dig into her raspy tone. 

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