Hive Mind*

Gender: Female

Age: Teen

Language: English


Significance: Hive Mind is the Primary Villain in the game plot.

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Hive Mind



DIVISION - Hive Mind’s quirk grants her the ability to hold multiple personalities, multiple minds and characters, within her mind. These personalities form on their own, beyond her control, and the number can only ascend. Though this implies that she has voices in her head, fighting for the control of her body, it also grants her the mind capacity of that many people. This implies that a task it would take five people’s minds to complete, Hive Mind can accomplish herself; she talks and argues with herself, getting response and new valuable input from ‘herself’. She can also send her personalities, her consciousness, into other people, other hosts, to take control of them. These personalities can, in turn, divide further, to control additional hosts. This means the user could jump from host to host through sight, while also dividing their conscience and or personalities to control multiple hosts at once. When Hive Mind divides a personality, she also dilutes it. Since less of Hive Mind is in one host at that time, when they spread their conscious thinner, the control will become sluggish; senses and reactions becoming slower. So even though she can effectively divide an infinite amount of times, there is a practical limit as she will be useless if spread too thin and over too many hosts.



Hive Mind has a very unstable, volatile personality. She might flip from happy and satisfied to killing the closest person out of sheer frustration. These could trigger out of the barest of things, maybe stepping on a twig or seeing a dog on the street. When she experiences emotion it is, regardless, very exaggerated. Either she is incredibly happy and cute, or she explodes in anger and stabs everyone in a five meter radius, or she is extremely happy and stabs everyone anyway.

Hive Mind always has herself to talk to, talk to one of her other selves. To make things simpler, she often has her two others in hosts so they can talk without making it too loud in her head. As she rarely gets social interaction other than herself, she had quite the superiority complex, believing that she is better than everyone. Cooperation is therefore not her forté, which she rarely needs since anyone will do as she says when she wants it.

She’s a NEET, a shut-in never leaving her tiny flat or computer, playing games all day and night. Due to this she is extremely good at the games she plays, favoring RTS games for the strategy. To never leave her flat she often get her other selves to jump to other hosts to buy food. If lucky, she finds a pizza delivery person to hop into, to then drive the pizza to her flat instead. Staying inside all day has, aside from isolating her from people, also made her very naïve and childish, never truly growing up despite her age.

If Toga is ‘cute-crazy’, Housu is ‘intelligent-crazy’. While being unstable she is still a highly intelligent person, able to command Noumus from afar through her quirk. As Noumus are regularly feral, instinct-driven creatures, her quirk allows them to become a tight, effective fighting unit, working strategically together, instead of just following basic commands.


To be added at a later date (in the interest of avoiding spoilers).


I am everywhere. I am everyone. Sweet dreams.

From one puppet to another.

Game over, little hero.

My game, my rules.

Death?... No... not that simple.


Have you met Bianca? Isn’t she the cutest?

All this blood really brings out my eyes.


Any last words? *giggles before going serious* Nah forget it. *kills*


Ah, screams. Like sweet music to my ears.

Wait?- Who turned the music off? Oh wait, *giggles* that was me.

Shh! *kills* I hate that song.

Screaming only makes this more fun!


You’re cute, to think you’re worth something to me.

Your purpose is to die for me. Nothing else.

Cute. As if you’re nothing but a piece in the game.


Shiggi is not the only one who can exaggerate himself. Just you watch.

Shiggi thinks he’s cool and all, that he’ll be the one to win. I’ll let him think that.


Bianca, patience.

Bianca, kill him.

Bianca, go fetch.



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