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Holy Mantra

  • The Enlightened Hero


PACIFY - People who hear Holy Mantra’s chants, implying him using his voice when activating his quirk, calms down and enter a more euphoric, non-aggressive state of being. They find his voice the most soothing sound they’ve heard, sweet like honey to their ears. Their heart beats slower, steadier, and their muscles relax. It creates a sanctuary, making anyone who listens feel safe and warm, comfortable and at peace. When Pacify is used upon you, the sanctuary, appears as if lit up, and pulsing and slightly blinding golden light, illuminating their vision and the area around them. When Holy Mantra chants, he speaks soothingly, gently, yet sternly, in a very rhythmic manner. The range of his quirk is then based on how far his voice can reach.




Holy Mantra is a pro hero, his hero agency stationed on the smaller island of Kyushu. His agency a buddhist temple, laying in a rural town, encircled by tranquil forest. He is a very large and intimidating man, tall of stature and rippling of muscle. His head shaved clean and his chin warmed by a dark and bushy beard. Even though he is a bear of a man, he is very kind and gentle; concentrating on his inner peace and harmony. He is a master of his mind and his emotions; knowing perfectly well when to be soft and gentle, and when to harden, using his strength.

Holy Mantra hasn’t always lived on Kyushu, or in such a small rural town as he does at the moment. As he is a pro hero, one would think he chooses to live where he can save as many people as possible; where he can have an impact. But he has picked another path; a path of peace and humility. In his temple, surrounded by little distraction, everyday is spent at constant meditation; no matter if he gives himself peace in solitude, or supervises his pupils, or practices stances and combat until his muscles are watery. Free from the chaos and clutter of a city, he can live in harmony with everything; and save those he can reach, from his humble place of living.

In general Holy Mantra is a passionate person, who will put his whole heart into everything he says. At times, his voice is booming, powerful, and intense. At others it is the most wise, soothing and calming sound you can imagine. This large range of expression means that we are looking for actors to put great emotion into their performances! 


The sky was a dark sea casting the temple in shadows, clouds of storm roiling and looming like flocks of hungry ravens, promising thunder but delivering none. The heavens were crying and shedding tears like rain over the mountains, when a solitary sat on the worked stone floor of the training area; as tranquil as the whispering woods and as still as the statues in stone watching and guarding atop the mountain. As if the temple has found its serenity there in the world’s infancy it slumbers steadfast; reveling in the ground where it lay and therefore deciding to stay.

The flood of the Gods whipped at the man’s bare skin as he meditated; his robes cast aside leaving only a piece of cloth around his waist. In a single breath his eyes—boundless deserts of insight at times silent, at times shifting and at times a sandstorm—flared open as he jumped to his feet. Blood spilled down his legs and [...]

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The morrow smiles upon you.

Now, what can we learn from fighting?

The gods smiles upon you.

Today we fight each other, tomorrow perhaps together.


When I search you spirit, I see only the grief that burdens you.

Why are you so distraught?

Tell me, and let us have it done.

Words do not make a thing so.

Rise, and straighten your back. Allow your eyes to close, and breathe with me.

You are already soaring higher than ever afore. Soon, the very skies will be beneath you.


The time for rest is not yet upon us!

Give me one reason to not strike you where you lay!

Why should I make an exception, and show mercy to a scum like you?

Keep your feet planted, and strike!

The gods strike through me!



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