By: Ichijou Raku

Beat drop 

the user can manipulate any surface they touch to project the visualizer of the song they're listening to ( the problem is you need to listen to aggressive music for fighting and it doesn't work without headphones or a listening device)



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Name:Hai tori Quirk:"Phoenix"- Hero student (actually a perfected nomu) Quirk desc:allows him to combust and use the fire in any way they want, but if he stays in that form for to long, they will disintegrate into ash and soot. after a whole week,He will regenerate with a different look and personality. Fighting style: A mix because he can shoot the fire but also burn close ranged Quirk type:emitter Quirk tips: In order to keep from regenerating,use a small amount of fire constantly and build resistance,also focus on your close range combat. Quirk pros: Able to allow limited flight and tons of attack power plus it looks really cool Quirk cons: Lots of burns,and regeneration