By: Sammich1114

Quirk: Bone Growth

Type: Transformation

Quirk Description: Allows the quirk user to grow and manipulate their bones to any shape they want. This allows them to create a numerous amount of things with their bone ranging from armor to protect them from attacks, swords, and spears to engage in battle, or even spikes from the bottom of their shoes to help them scale buildings. Additionally, due to the nature of their quirk, their bones are incredibly tough and dense, without training and conditioning their bones are 4 times as dense as regular human bones and 4 times stronger than steel but with lots of training and conditioning they can be up to 100 times denser than regular human bones and its strength and toughness can be compared to modern-day tank armor.

Cons: As their bones are denser and heavier than regular human bones they are much much heavier and are therefore slower naturally, additionally their weight increases as their bones increase in density and toughness, meaning they have to train further to not become sluggish. Another con is the fact that to grow weapons or armor the quirk user has to grow the bone through their skin which causes it to tear and rip which naturally is painful. This quirk doesn't apply to their cartilage and only applies to the hard bones so they're also vulnerable to sprains and other injuries to ligaments. There is also a limit to how much bone the user to grow but this limit can be extended by training.

Pros: This quirk excels in close-quarters combat and excels in defense due to the ability to grow a set of full-body armor. This quirk also allows for extra mobility if given a bit of imagination, such as being able to scale buildings by growing bone spikes from their feet and hands.

Notes: When their bone is broken they still feel the pain, such as when someone can pierce or break a bone shield that is connected to them so this quirk can be extremely painful to use if the bone equipments they've grown are broken in combat (Given that it's still attached to them).



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