By: Matan

Idk if i'm too late to do this, but i'd like to apply a quirk idea.


Quirk description:
Tthe user has the ability to change their body into any kind of weapon. they can either transform small parts of their body, like the fingers, hands or arms; or a larger body-section, such as their entire torso or both legs, into a weapon. This grants combat at both long and close range.


Transforming parts of the user's body into a weapon takes up stamina, and using ammo for said weapon is linked to the user's stamina as well. if used too much, the user will run out of stamina and woukd revert back to their original form, not being able to use their quirk until their stamina recharges or even take some damage.

Quirk Moves:

First Quirk Move- toggle between blade mode and firearm mode(each mode have different moves)

Blade Mode(close range)-

Normal Attacks- same as in normal mode, but with blades for arms and legs. deals more damage.

Second Quirk Move- user run forwards while flailing thier arms forwads to hit enemy.

Third Quirk Move- user turns their arms into war hammers and hits the ground, hitting whoever is within a certain radious.

Fourth Quirk Move- user turns their upper body into a sword and spins, hitting whoever they come into contact with.

Firearm Mode(long range)-

Normal Attacks- user shot bullets out of their gun arms to wherever the player is pointing.

Second Quirk Move- user turns both arms into guns and spreaading them while spining and firing, hitting whoever is within a certain radious.

Third Quirk Move- user transform their arm into a grenade launcher and shoots wherever the player is pointing.

Fourth Quirk Move- user turns their leg into amachine gun and fires rapidly into wherever the player is pointing, while standing on their other leg.



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