By: BadName

This will be rather simple and added to every now and then. I often have ideas about the game that come to me but they are often small and I would rather not clog up the #Idea-box on the Discord. Thus, i have decided just to post them here and add to this every now and then. I can't draw and my writing is pretty horrible if I'm being honest but I'm sure some of my basic ideas are good before I go and mess them up.

1) There should be a mission where you have to sing Karaoke with Ectoplasm.

2) I think it would be really cool if it's quite authentic. I hope people won't think it ruins it but. In the MHA universe you aren't allowed to just attack villains in the street, so perhaps you could say you'd be reprimanded for that by the police and you have to unlock that ability by attaining your provisional licence. 

3) Also, on the line of authenticity to the MHA universe I think it would be interesting if, in retrospect of the quirks, that they work in the fashion of a skill tree. Let's take Deku as an example. this would start off with him having no control over his quirk and he would have major drawbacks where he basically dies when he uses his quirk. But as you progress further through the game and get experience you could unlock control over and over until you unlock full cowling. Then, maybe you could upgrade strength to go from 5% to 8% and so on. This could be done for all the quirks. However, I do suggest that improving the strength of the quirk should be very slow until you reach the training camp where you can level that up faster. Additionally, super moves shouldn't be able to be unlocked until you reach the TDL before the provisional licence exam. It should still definitely be free roam but i think this will help put limiters on stuff so you have to play through the main story and don't just ignore it.

4) I am generally only good with quirks when it comes to contributions. And to be frank I'm not really sure about that. But either way, for the multiplayer mode I think it would be really good in the character customisation that you get quite a lot with it. Nothing insane, but so that you won't really have overlapping designs with characters. Additionally, some quirks should definitely affect the way someone looks. Canon quirks probably won't be available but for the sake of simplicity I will use one in an analogy. If your character ended up with Pop-off, their only hair customisation they should be allowed is the colour of their "ball hair" (for lack of a better term). Because it just wouldn't make sense if they were pulling sticky balls out of nowhere.

5) Again with multiplayer, in regards to the quirk you get, I think it should be random. However, the player should have some choice. All the quirks should be assigned as "Easy", "Medium" or "Hard". The player would pick one and get a random quirk of the difficulty they chose. This means they can play at the level they wish and it also keeps the random element because, after all,in the MHA universe you don't get to choose your quirk.

Below I'm going to list some quirks but some may be really hard to code so I put quite a lot. I hope at least one is adequate. These are original quirks so would be for the multiplayer mode. I would create a character but I am unsure of the current plot line Loki has put in place so I wouldn't want to waste time on a character who had no chance of being put into the game due to that. Additionally, most of these are from my OC's on the My Hero Academia amino so their names will be in here. These OC's don't have game specific ideas and moves on them because I don't know how you're hoping to do that. They are just descriptions of quirks as if they were in the MHA universe.

Quirk: Wool

Yu has a body with a woolly texture. This makes her really flexible, Stretchy and agile but has very little combat ability (she has worked on it though because that was her weak point). She can also produce wool from her body and where she has wool. So her wool is like an extension of her body. She can morph her actual body but she can only produce wool from the wool that isn’t her body, not manipulate it. She can also use her wool for camouflage and hide inside of it. Her quirk is extremely weak to fire, her wool body burns when close to it and water makes her sluggish and heavy so she refrains from using her quirk in water. The more wool she creates the more tired she gets but if she reabsorbs the wool she regains the energy.


Quirk moves:

Woollen cocoon - This is when Yu produces wool around someone rapidly and then increases its strength. It can be used to protect someone or to incapacitate them

Wool terrain - She covers the floor in wool to give her the upper hand in a fight. It slows down enemies by trapping their feet and can be useful to save someone who is falling as it softens their landing

Wool grenade - She throws pre made wool balls and she expands them when they reach their destination. This can be used to create a cushion for someone to fall on or to engulf someone in wool to incapacitate them

Woollen hamster ball - She surrounds herself in wool and rolls around in the sphere. When she rolls over someone the wool absorbs them or it can be used to deter someone from a specific area by making them dodge

Camouflage - Yu hides in the wool she creates

Wool barrage - She produces wool from different areas of her body to be used later when in a battle or while rescuing people.

Snake arms - Yu can morph parts of her body into other things such as snakes. While these are still made of wool so serve no purpose they are useful in a bluff or intimidation

Glide - Yu expands her surface area after jumping in the air to glide around. This can be used for gathering information or just biding time

Dodge - Because of her extremely fast reflexes she can dodge most attacks. A lot of the time it involves opening up a whole in her body to let the attack go through but she cannot dodge things that are as fast as bullets and the like.


Biological function: The way the cells in her body are structured means that it is possible for them to stretch quite a bit and generally have some degree of morphability (?). Her cells also have a special property which means that they go through the process of mitosis rapidly in certain sections of the body when she activated her quirk there. She can make the process of mitosis rapid my sending an electrical impulse or set of them to the part of the body. As the cells split rapidly they rub together and the friction between them sort of brings out the fluffy texture and the stretchiness of them. The cells which are rapidly dividing is the wool she creates so effectively, the wool she creates is a part of her body. Mitosis takes a lot of energy so the more wool she produces the more energy she looses. However, her cells also have one other special property. When in contact with some of her cells and with the correct instruction from her brain sent by an electrical impulse, her cells can break apart her other cells into energy much like how glucose is broken apart during respiration to get energy. Also, she cannot move or feel the wool she creates because it is only her skin cells that duplicate, no nerves. When morphing her body she has to be very careful not to disrupt her bodily functions too much. She has a very good understanding of the anatomy because she does have to rearrange things in her body and it does make her feel ill most of the time but at least with how she does it it doesn’t kill her.


Quirk: Limb plants

Kemi can move her limbs around and off her body. She has 8 arms to manoeuvre around. It is very painful to move a limb off of her body but it functions perfectly fine on its own. For some reason the limbs seem to be a bit stronger than the average humans. She can jump higher than the average person and she is stronger than the average person. Consequently she is quite bulky. If her nerve is pulled on the limb reflexively moves back to the body where it left. If the limbs are away from the body for too long they will die.


Quirk moves:

Dislocate - She detaches some of her limbs. Usually 6 of her arms to fight the opponent while she stays away at a safe distance but still has a whole body to protect herself. It also helps save many people quickly during a disaster since each arm is strong enough to help people

Larm - This peculiar but effective move is when she goes into 3 sections. One made up of her main body, head and 4 arms. Two normally acting arms and two acting as legs. And two larms. These are legs with two arms on them, one on each side. All of these are fully functional and effective at dealing with multiple skilled attackers

Defence ball - She curls up into a ball and her 8 arms flow around her body moving her with amazing agility and speed. She is usually a bit sluggish since she is extremely strong but this form combats that weakness

Heal - She uses her sweat to help close up the wounds of the wounded

Full body - This is just her full body with the strength of 8 immensely powerful arms. She has been known to carry a car with ease.

Arm catapult - Her arms can throw each other or form a catapult (depending on how many arms there are) to move places quicker when there are only a few arms

Extendo-arm - She puts all her arms attached to each other on one to increase reach and act as a large lever.

Giantess - She puts one arm between each leg and her hips. And two arms on the ends of each main arm to extend them so she seems much larger.

“Why are you hitting yourself?” - She holds one or multiple of her arms in her hands and sticks them to an opponent. These arms then hit their opponent and can’t be pulled off unless the opponent is super strong. The opponent becomes heavier and the arms can mess with their movement.


Biological function: She has a special thing in her skin cells that allows them to self destruct. Also, her sweat is filled with a bacteria that closes up wounds quickly. This allows her to eject her arms/legs off or move them around her body because she can self destruct the cells and the eject the limb or move it around the body before closing up the wound. This is quite hard to do so she has had to perfect it, originally she found it hard to use her quirk properly. While some limbs are ejected she can still control them as there is a long thread of a nerve that is too thin for the human eye to see connecting her body to the arm or leg. It also means her limbs can only move 67 meters away from the original body. Blood doesnt circulate to the detached limbs but the cells have great anaerobic respiration properties to stay alive for quite a while. However, this produces lots of lactic acid which cause's stitches.


Quirk: Dictionary

They can change between “hard back” and “paper back” forms. When in hardback form their skin is very strong and hard to break. They also have a lot of pain resistance but they are slow. When in paper back form their skin is weak but they are agile. They can’t mix between hardback and paperback. They have to choose one or the other. Each time they shift from one form to the other the form becomes slightly weaker so they can only effectively change about 15 times an hour.


Quirk moves:

Recall - They remember something from the many books they have read to use in the field. This could be a battle technique or how to be kind to civilians

Paper back - In this form they are more agile but also softer and more susceptible to attacks

Hard back - This makes their skin extremely hard but it also makes it harder for them to move. They basically become a wall

Book bash - They use their paper back form to get close to their opponent and at the last second switch to hard back form for a punch to the gut.

Hard ball - They increase the hardness of their hardback form for a short amount of time, about 40 seconds, this is extremely hard

Agile angel - They increase the agileness (decrease the weight) of their paper back form and also decrease the skin resistance. This makes them very quick but it cannot be kept up for long. About 40 seconds


Biological function: They have glands in their body which produce hormones that affect the hardness of their skin by telling it’s cells to change its structure. This allows them to change between “hardback” and “paperback”. However, changing structure exerts energy so when the structure of the skin changes there is friction which makes the form weaker. But there is less of an effect if they take their time between switches. They have an eidetic memory.


Quirk: Morph

He can morph into animals he has an emotional connection with. This includes humans. He can currently turn into his dog, both his parents and his eagle. He can turn into people and use their quirks when in that form or at least if he has their quick factors in his body. He is currently working on transforming into Urufu due to her sheer power. He can just take some parts of the animal and combine them with another to form a chimera. However this is quite hard. His clothes don’t transform so (much like Mirio) his suit is made of his hair, when he is wearing normal clothes he just ends up naked. Switching between animals makes Doumono weaker every time he does it. Subsequently this shows in his transformations. For example his eagle may get smaller after he has turned into his dog and then back to his eagle. Only switching takes a toll on him so aside from that and the fact that he needs to be focused to stay transformed he doesn’t have drawbacks.


Biological function: His brain learns when he has a emotional link with someone over time as dopamine is released when in contact with them. This sets of a chemical reaction that results his body DNA to change. Meaning whenever he’s thinking about that animal he becomes them. Parts of the animals DNA is on his body from being around them so much and this allows him to put the DNA of the animal with his own so he can morph.


Quirk moves:

Wings - He sprouts wings from his back which allow him to fly

Enhanced hearing and smell - He uses his dogs face to increase two of his senses

Claw - He gets the claws of his eagle to scratch his enemies

Dog - He fully becomes a dog, good for sneaking

Eagle - He fully becomes an eagle so can fly easily and locate villains

Adult - He can transform into his mum or his dad, usually to trick people into getting something. He can use his dads quirk to be a little stronger in this form.

Forced transformation - Because of the way his quirk works he can exploit it and transform into an animal he doesn’t have an emotional connection to for a short time by doing something else that releases dopamine like eating chocolate. This allows him to transform into anything he wants but jut for a small amount of time. Usually about 15 seconds.

Chimera - This is when he combines attributes from all the animals he can transform into to make a chimera. It’s usually made from the best parts of each animal. So, the wings and claws of the eagle and the body of his father who is greatly stronger than him. He intends to create a bigger arsenal in the future

Feral — Kami turns into a dog and launches himself at his opponent. When he reaches them he switches his hands and feet to eagle claws. He claws himself to their body and scratches them and around them while biting them with his dog head


Quirk: Cylinder

The user has circles along their body which cut surfaces to use as samples. When there is a material in these circles the user can produce long cylinders of that material, it can be from the original surface or from their body that the cylinders are produced. The circles on their body vary in size so can be used for different things. She has to eat a lot and can’t sue her quirk as much because she needs fat to create cylinders.


Quirk moves:

Pillar Smash - Sutsu produces a large pillar from her belly circle and makes it smash into her opponent with insane power.

Cyli-shield - If some material is stored in her circles she produces some material out of them to protect against an attack weather aimed at them self or another person

Pillar Climb - She produces cylinders she can use to climb. Whether creating a pillar beneath her feet or creating a ladder out of cylinders

Cyli-sprint - She produces a cylinder from a surface and uses it to propel herself quickly.

Circle Cut - She uses her hard sharp circles on her body as a weapon against people

Shrapnel - Sutsu produces small pillars out of her and then rapidly produces a pillar of air, pushing them outwards rapidly, hitting anyone in a small radius.

Cyli-shot - Sutsu produces a small pillar and then air behind it, propelling it forward like a bullet


Biological function: They have little circles all over their body that jut out of their skin like cookie cutters. This part of the skin is extremely hard. In the middle of these circles the skin is a dark colour like milk chocolate and it from these areas material can be produced as long as it’s in contact with the same material. The material is made by converting the users lipid atomically into that material through something changed in their skin which alters the structure of subatomic particles according to the sample of another material taken. She also produces stem cells which replenish the fat quickly although it’s not instant so she does have to hide her time and wait for more


Quirk: Crystal skin

Yuko can turn parts of her skin into a crystal looking hard substance that can be used very well defensively and she also has an ability where she can refract light into a powerful beam of light that can harm a person greatly (Prismatic Ray) . Her crystals are as hard as diamond. She looses energy correlating to the amount of her body that becomes crystal and how long she uses her quirk form, because of this she often only uses it on certain parts of her body or all of it for a short time. Additionally she is always eating crackers as her quirk steals energy.


Quirk moves:

Crystal defence - This is when she turn part of her body into crystal as a defence. Her quirk is quite taxing so it’s usually only temporarily

Braid blade - She hardens her braided hair on her head to make horns that she uses to charge an opponent

Full body jewel - She becomes fully crystal and unable to be beaten by physical attacks. This is extremely hard to maintain so is not used for long

Prismatic ray - She makes part of her body or the entire thing crystal and puts it in sunlight to form an highly concentrated and powerful laser beam. The beams power depends on the amount of light and the amount of body that is crystalised


Biological function: her body uses the energy from it on a gland she has. This gland hardens the carbon in her body around it by binding it together into a diamond like material until her body looks like a crystal. There are glands like these all around her body. The crystal is so bumpy and almost fragmented so the light that goes through it, if at a specific angle is refracted greatly to produce a concentrated light beam.


Quirk: Webbed

The user of this quirk has skin like webbing between their toes, fingers, legs and arms. The ones attached to their arms also attach to their hip. Due to this they often have to push against air pressure in their every day life so their arms and legs are exceedingly strong, much stronger than the average person. This allows them to have a fairly normal life not being hindered by the webbing and it actually helping them in some situations like swimming. The webbing may look like skin but is actually made of a stronger material, this makes it hard to cut but it is still breakable. However, this material has a mysterious property that allows it to heal quite quickly after being damaged, about 1 hour, but this property only exists in the webbing, not the rest of the body. Despite being much stronger because of having to deal with the webbing they still get tired quite easily from using Air Pummel since the energy and strength required to use it is so large. Net, Glide and Air Slap are less costly moves in terms of stamina.


Quirk moves:

Air pummel - They run which makes the wind pull on their webbing and it build up in the webbing like a net. When they stop the webbing flings the air forward to produce lots of air pressure in front. It does move very far, only about 4.5 meters but it is exceedingly fast, about 100mph at the midpoint but it dissipates quickly.

Air slap - This is air pummel but on a smaller scale, they do it with their hand, again, the distance it can reach is limited to about a meter but is still quite powerful

Glide - They can slightly slow their fall by spreading their legs and putting their arms up near their head. It won’t keep them up for long but just enough to not entirely hurt them.

Net - Their webbing is quite large so of their open their arm up wide enough someone could fit in there. They open up their arm and run at someone to catch them in theirs and then hold their arm next to their hip so they can’t escape. This isn’t effective on people with quirk destructive enough to destroy the webbing.

Thunder clap - He claps his hands together and the air brought from each side of the webbing collides and is sent out through the small hole between each side of the webbing. The air pressure that’s built up produces a very quick concentrated thin shot of air that is so powerful it can make someone draw blood. He prefers not to use it for this reason, he doesn’t like to hurt people.


Biological function: Well, as mentioned their limbs have webbing but the cells of the webbed skin are constantly trying to stay as close to each other as possible. So when the webbing is cut it will only take about an hour to reform.


Quirk: Ball legs

From the hip down there are three 2 meter long black tubular limbs with extremely hard balls attached to the bottom of them. There is another of these tubular limbs sprouting from the small of the user’s back however this one is 4.5 meters long. These limbs are clearly very strong as they can lift the heavy items on their end with ease and the 3 below the hip are used to hold their body like legs. It is a mutant quirk so they’ve built up a lot of experience to be able to use the quirk well. The balls at the end of the limbs are about two feet in diameter and are entirely spherical. The balls tend to get in the way of him helping in other aspects since they often block him from being able to use his arms and hands.


Quirk moves:

Ball whack - They lift up any of their tubular limbs and use it to whack an opponent, it is extremely damaging to whoever it hits.

Swing - He uses his extra limbs to wrap around objects to allow for extra movement.

Ball lift - He picks up other people on his limbs or his balls to move them to another place.

Ball-et - He whacks around his tubular limbs in many directions frantically, despite this move being named after an elegant dance it is in no way elegant, far from it.

Crash down - He coils up his legs which have enough power to lift a normal person 30 meters into the air but because of his increased weight only make him go 6 meters into the air. He directs himself with his tail as he jumps and lands down on his opponent doing devastating damage. He can do this quite often but it is taxing considering his weight.


Biological function: They were born a normal looking human, at age 4 their legs started to grow and their feet became these hard balls, it appears that the substance that coats these is a thick layer of carbon produced by the body and hardened on the surface of these limbs. The third one that acts as a leg was grown from the tail bone at his back and the one that was grown from the small of his back started from a bone that deviated from the spine.


Quirk: Snake Eyes

Both the users eyes have the ability to open up into 3 separate sections and it can shoot corrosive acid from it. The eyes also have the ability to grow a 3 feet long limb which holds up the eye and moves it around. The limb is about 2 centimetres in diameter and despite not being that strong, it is strong enough to hold itself and the eye up, it is extremely durable and very little can break it. When the eyes open up the sight from that eye is lost. Shooting liquid from either eye impairs the sight of the user and makes them feel a little dizzy.


Quirk moves:

Acid spit - He opens his eye and moves it around to shoot at something, whether a person or to break through something

Scan - He removes both eyes from his head and moves them around so he can see better.

Constrict - He wraps his eye limb around something, whether to use to hold himself up or holding his opponent in place.

Super move unnamed — Shita makes shoots liquid out of his eyes and partially makes his seeing eyes come back. This gives him partial and blurry vision and means that his acid is shot further and faster. However, his eyes hurt a lot when using this move.


Biological function: The user has a gland in their head which produces the corrosive acid which is stored and can go along the tube. Behind the eye is a small organ which cuts open the end of the eye and this also covers the nerve connecting the eye to the brain with a hard yet flexible solid and elongates the nerve.


Quirk: Hydro-rejuvenation

When touched by water she becomes much more powerful. Her wounds begin to heal, she becomes stronger, her stamina is refilled and her skin becomes stronger and harder. How large these positives are depend on how much water is on her. If she is completely surrounded by water they are great, if she has little water they are little to correspond. When completely surrounded in water, submerged, her wounds heal almost immediately, she becomes strong enough to swim around 10 miles an hour and lift about 500kg, she becomes hyper and awake as if she has drunk lots of coffee and her skin becomes strong enough for a sword to scratch her like a spine on a tree. She can also breathe underwater because of her gills. As a side effect of her quirk her her pain receptors becomes more sensitive so she is pained greatly by being touched.


Biological function: Her cells contain a special organelle which, much like mitochondria, produce energy. However, these organelles produce a much more powerful energy than ATP and they use water to create this energy. This energy they create powers small organelles around their body. There is one organ which when supplied with this energy makes her skin denser and harder, there is another that releases a special chemical which acts as an antiseptic and it, slowly, increases the rate of healing for wounds and there is one more in the thighs and the upper arms which increases the rate of growth of muscles so she becomes stronger. The energy also powers the rest of the body so after being in the water she gains lots of energy quickly. However, this energy causes more receptors to be grown on her nerves she she is pained more. She also has gills to breathe underwater, that is a small side effect mutation from her mother.


Quirk: Ball joint

All of his joints are hard bone balls, this allows the things attached to them to move around the ball in any direction. Skin doesn’t cover these balls and the body just moves over it. The joints can be used to block or as a weapon as they are hard. His degree of movement is increased so he is extremely bendy and can even form his body into elaborate shapes and can dodge easily. Since he’s had to get used to it he can move his body with such insane reflexes that it almost seems inhuman. Most of the joints are visible from outside the body but a few aren’t like that of the ribcage


Quirk moves:

Momentum punch - He swings his arm round and round on its joint super quickly to build up momentum and increase the power of the punch

Fold - He fold his body or part of it into a small area often to dodge attacks.

Sprint - He alters how his joints position his bones and runs insanely fast on all fours like an animal

Ball block - He uses various joints to block an attack since they are so hard, he can fold his body so this block is more effective. The joints can also be bent to enhance the power of an attack.

Grip - By bending his body around objects he can obtain a powerful grip on them and can even trap people in his own body by bending himself around them.

Carousel kick - Jishi does a hand stand and swings his legs around maniacally kicking anything in their path with boosted power due to momentum.


Biological function: Where the joints are there are hard balls that attach to the bones with a soft material like a gel that allows the bones to travel anywhere around the ball joint as long as there is nothing in the way


Quirk: Phantom Limbs

The user has very large limbs emerging from their joints and surrounding their limbs. They are purple and permeate through things. The limbs are each 11 times the size of the user’s real limbs (9m for legs and 5.5 meters for arms (ish)). They seem to have a purple colour to them. With great concentration he can make a limb or part of it solid and able to touch things. It was takes lots of concentration for just one limb and the recoil is massive. He has never been able to make all 4 limbs solid at once. When a limb is permeable it still absorbs light so if someone’s eyes are in it they cannot see. When a limb is made solid it gives the user excruciating headaches and sometimes the pain can force them to pass out. Their brain can momentarily loose some of its functions. It also makes the user need to pee so they get dehydrated very quickly. The limbs are also very heavy so they often have their arms down and just moving around is a workout.


Quirk moves:

Phantom punch — They make one of their arms solid and use it to punch someone or something.

Blind — They surround an opponent in their permeable limbs so they cannot see

Grab — They grab a person or something with their arms. They can hold the person captive there or help a civilian to a safe area. Or they can throw an object at someone as a weapon

Trap — They surround someone in their limb and then make the part of the limb around them solid.

Push — They use a limb to push them self in a direction for more movement. Or they push the air with their limbs and the force knocks an opponent off their feet.

Protection — They surround their actual limbs in a thin layer of the phantom limbs as protection for the limbs.


Biological function: The limbs operate on a different frequency to the rest of us. The atoms that make it up are also very small so there are lots of them to make the limb that size. The atoms are small enough to fit between the large spaces in the atoms so they can go through objects. There is a gland in the brain next to the pituitary gland which sends out a radio wave which alters the frequency of the limbs to make them able to collide with atoms and be touchable. The gland has a side effect of removing most of the water from the brain and sending it to the bladder. Consequently the user gets an excruciating hangover, their brain begins to loose some of its functions of the quirk is used for too long and they really need to go to the toilet all the time. They get dehydrated quickly and have to drink lots of water.


Quirk: Cloud fingers

The ends of the user’s fingers and toes are clouds, they are made of water vapour from the user’s body so the size of them depends on the amount of water in the user’s body. They rain and produce water. When rubbed together the static electricity formed there can create enough electricity to give quite the shock. The water produced is from the user’s internal water so he has to keep hydrated.


Quirk moves:

Water knife — The user puts a nozzle on their finger/toe which concentrates the water into a small bit. Then the sure rapidly ejects water and the PSI created is so high it can cut through lots of things, metal if it is close enough to the nozzle.

Sprinkler — The user attaches a nozzle to their finger/toe which makes the water produced go in different directions. The sprinkler is very good at cooling people down but isn’t very useful in a fight unless you are up against non-waterproof robots.

Electro-fingers/Electro-foot — The user rubs their fingers/toes together to produce static electricity to give quite a shock when they touch someone although the electricity does pain the user quite a bit. And if they charge it up too much it just gets grounded. It doesn’t work at range. Charging up takes about 10-70 seconds depending on how hard you want the electricity to be.


Biological function: There are tubes going through their fingers and toes which water can be ejected from. Their body heats the water up as it gets to the end of the finger and evaporates it but keeps it at the correct temperature so the water vapour sticks around the ends of the fingers and toes. Although the clouds do move around as the fingers and toes do. The temperature increases at the end of the fingers and toes because of a radiator like organ which converts the bodies energy into heat to heat up the water that goes to the fingers and toes. There is a sort of pouch in the body that water is stored in like a camels jump which can be used or ejected by the body at the user’s will although sometimes it leaks out. They make a lot of water vapour so the area’s they’ve been usually rain


Quirk: Sphere

They can alter their body so it fits into a neatly compact sphere, they can release small body parts from this to help direct the sphere. They don’t stay in sphere form long because arranging their body like that for their quirk causes extreme discomfort and joint pain, the spinning also makes them dizzy. The sphere sizes can be anywhere between 1.2 meters to 2 meters in diameter.


Quirk moves:

Canon ball — They turn into a sphere and use their limbs to direct them into a target

Carry — They hide objects in their balloon like body to be used when they revert to normal

Bounce — Since there is air in their balloon like body they can bounce around and get great manoeuvring around the area

Crazy canon ball — It only works in small spaces and is a combination of bounce and canon ball. They jump and then quickly turn into a balloon and let themselves bounce around until they hit their opponent. It’s so unpredictable even the user has no idea where they are going.


Biological function: Their is a small air gap under their skin. When they breath in they can make some of the air go into this pocket to puff themselves up. If they are curled into a ball they begin to puff up into a sphere. The body only allows them to access this ability when the pads on their palms and knees touch. After the pass stop touching there is a 5 second period before they start to shrink rapidly. In this time she can put her arm or leg out to direct her body.


Quirk: Vacuum

The user has an almighty breath that sucks in many things from their surroundings at an alarming speed. They also have a bag which can store the things sucked in and the bag gets larger to a certain extent to accommodate what is sucked in. To about a 3 meter diameter. The stuff stored in there can be moved around and flung out again. Blowing stuff out hurts her throat a lot.


Quirk moves:

Suck — The user sucks with all their might to disrupt an opponents movements, bring them closer to the user or remove a weapon from their arsenal.

Blow — The user blows out with all their might to disrupt an opponents movements, get them further away or send an object away form their opponent that could be a weapon. If they have something in their airbag it will be shot out as a projectile and can deal some heavy damage though that depends on the item. They can invest different items for different effects such as many little stones for a shotgun effect.

Backpack — The user pulls a weapon or other utility item out of their airbag

Balloon wall — The user turns their back to an attack and breathes in to create an air wall to block an attack, push someone away or break a fall


Biological function: The user can has special sections near the bag which suck in aid to create vacuums. The air is then taken to the lungs. The vacuums then rush in air and other things from outside to those spots and into the bag. The skin around the bag is strong and flexible due to an increased bonding of carbon in the skin there. The bag is connected to the back of the user’s mouth so things either go in there or down the trachea.


Quirk: Monopoly

The user can control any one element (or it’s compound, though compounds and alloys are harder to control than the base element). They can only control one element at a time. The quirk uses a lot of energy and works better the closer the element is to the user’s body. Consequently, they usually keep their usage to 70cm radius around them for 5 minutes. After their body gets too tired they can’t use their quirk and get very tired like they haven’t slept for a few days. They can’t control anything alive. The difficulty of the compound to control is dependent on the proportion of the element they are controlling within the compound. If the compound is 90% of the element it’s really easy. If it’s 5% it’s next to impossible.


Quirk moves:

Armour — The user surrounds themselves with a thick layer of the element they are controlling for protection and attacking. This gives them some attributes of a transformation type quirked hero. They can also send part of the element out as a weapon to people trying to attack them and increase the range of their attacks momentarily. They like to use this to give the illusion their quirk is transformation type and get the element of surprise with the other attacks.

Barrage — The user creates bullets out of the element they are controlling, preferably something hard, and uses the force and momentum to throw them at an opponent

Stepping stones — The user creates steps of the element under their feet to allow them increased movement and height. They have to move from step to step because gravity works against them and keeping them up for a long time is very hard.

Sniper — The user points at something an the element extends from their finer straight forward to what they pointed at. Since it goes so far this is a very draining move

Carry — The user moves the element below their feet and it slides along the ground carrying them with it. They can carry other people like civilians too.

Trap — If someone gets in range they can use the element they control of trap an opponent to the floor

Defence — They create a wall of the controlled element in front of then if someone for protection

Structure alteration — If they are controlling something with extreme practice and effort they can change the structure of the element they are controlling. For example controlling the carbon in graphite and changing it to graphene, fullerene or diamonds.


Biological function: The user has a specific organ in their body which changes the type of energy to one that the user exerts. This energy comes into contact with the electrons of the specified substance and moves the electrons around, therefore moving the atoms around. However, since each atom needs to be controlled this takes a lot of precision and without that it can cause unwanted harm. It can only be used in the 70cm around the user because that’s their set limit if they want to be able to control it for 5 minutes before they end up getting very tired. They can exceed both 70cm and 5 minutes if they adjust how they use their quirk. Because of the way they control the atoms they have more control the closer they are to the body.