By: Acester1642

Acester1642 again. I actually got a brand new set of ideas in mind for the MHA: Beyond game project. I do hope some of these can be taken into consideration, but keep in mind that this is my opinion.



Introduction Cards: (Inspired by games like DanganRonpa & Zanki Zero) I've noticed quite a lot of games go through the extra mile of showing an image of the character you meet after saying their intro line. Maybe go through this process but w/the use of unique images to give a general motif of what a character's personality/interests are.

Image result for danganronpa v3 intro cards

Intro Card for Kaede Akamatsu (The "protagonist" of DanganRonpa V3)

You might've seen these coming but...

Character Customization: I know this is gonna happen for the multiplayer fans for character creation in general, but to those who want to see how customization can work in my perspective, I feel like going the Balloon Duel (Which is a flash game based on Balloon Fight on the NES, except it's 1v1) route is the way to go, where you customize each and every part of your body/hair. Like how you style the hair for example, you can pick from various bang, side, top, and back hairstyles to give your avatar a detailed look to player's liking. It should also be implemented in the way the clothes, face, and body (In build type and for the mutants, whatever animal or mythological entity you want.)) too to really give your custom avatar what piece you need. Heck, even use parts from already existing characters in the game for those who want to be actually visual how much of a fan the character depicted is. 

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Quirk Growth Branch Class System (Exclusive to Multiplayer): Rather than taking the gasha approach to get a specific Quirk from one of the pre-existing ones in a lottery (I'm looking at you ROBLOX games), I would much rather see an evolutionary system to customize how your Quirk sees fit. Where strengthening the Quirk a certain way can let you evolve the Quirk to be something else entirely. It kinda works like the One For All system, but not really? I mean, like Deku, his Quirk evolves overtime as the story progresses. Here however, we can start by using a base Quirk that revolves on what the bare basics of the Quirk is. Some might want to start as a strength-type Quirk, people can start with Quirk Strength and customize it through based on how you accumulate your skill points into your Quirk complete with recipes to search what you want. If people go the mutant route, you can choose an animal branch to start from and go from there. For Reptiles, you got Turtles, Lizards, Crocodiles, etc. something along these lines. Ma

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Character Themes: (Inspired by BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle & its represented franchises) This is gonna be a hard idea to make the cut since this'll require a lot of music sheet building, but character themes might help emphasize who the characters are. With the right people, the characters can be given their very own battle theme that can express who these characters are.

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(Ragna The Bloodedge from BlazBlue. Theme: Rebellion/Rebellion II)

My Music: (Inspired from the Smash Bros. games) Diving back from my concept last time, if players don't want to listen to an original OST but music from other games, maybe they want to hear music from another franchise like MMBN6's Promise for sad moments or Zanki Zero's Sense Of Wonder for the pause menu. How it can be implemented can go like this, download a song, put it in a Custom Music Folder, and select where which song should fit the mood or event the game is going on now. Maybe even add jingles for Level-Ups or Defeats for better touches too. Maybe go the Smash way and set how likely you want a certain song to play or when.

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Ultimate Finishers: Final Smashes, Astral Heats, Infinite Worth EXS, Critical Hearts. These are designed to basically kill your opponent off in high damage. This needs to happen to give the characters their strongest battle moves. We can use the One’s Justice ones for some of the characters and go from there. That way, we can get a visual start for what to expect in their big supers.

Well, that's Volume 2 of some concepts the game can possibly have. Any thoughts?