By: Synthetic_Thought

Hello, I'm Synthetic_Thought, although through this project I'm primarily known as Robbie Roguish. I'm a 3D modeler who went to college for Virtual Technology and Design. Video games and other virtual 3D works have always been a major passion of mine, and although I didn't quite know where I was going while attending University, I think I found my primary interest in character modelling. Creating expressive and emotive living forms out of nothing is what I find myself continually coming back to when I have a desire to do some project or side sculpt.

I've never been a huge anime fan. I've had friends recommend shows to me periodically, and even when one of those friends sat me down and made me watch the first few episodes of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, it took me a few years to revisit the series and truly realize how masterfully crafted it is. I've been a casual anime fan since, watching a show here and there, but nothing, not even FMA, has had me as transfixed and emotionally invested as My Hero Academia. Something about the show is wonderfully enthralling, and, even in spite of it having every hallmark of a typical shounen anime, every single one is made so carefully and polished so thoughtfully, I can't look away. In fact, within weeks of the second season ending, I caved and read through the entirety of the manga in a couple of days. 

It was sheer luck I stumbled upon this project when I did, and I'm very happy it happened. This game has cultivated a fantastic community of passionate, talented people that I continue to learn from all the time. I can't wait to see this project come into fruition and where it leads to from there.