By: Acester1642

I have compiled some ideas for this fan game to be even more characterized and full of life. Let's see what the devs have to say with these ideas:


Skits: If you've played any of the Tales Of games or other JRPGs with this similar function, you'd know that every so often, the party will often converse with each other as they explore the world for strategies, post reactions to events, or even something comedic. I know this requires more sprite or model-work and more voiceovers, but it'll help give an inside look of what the characters do in their meantime.

Side Episodes: When I played Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky on my DS, I was introuced with stories revolving other members of the Wigglytuff Guild and they were optional to do, and that's what brought on this idea. You'd be given specific objectives that revolve around a specific character or an alternate storyline for the duration of the episode with set stats. I have seen from the casting call a Custom character in the list, so this means it's possible to experience some other custom characters' original arcs too.

Some examples of Episodes include:

  • Attack On Superhero?!: What if the villains never attacked USJ? Here's what would happen! (Based on the Jump Festa Special)
  • Training Of The Dead: Join a few of the students from Isami High for this horrifying, zombifying training exercise! (Based on the Training Of The Dead OVA.)
  • My Villain Academia: Take a look on the life of the next generation of... villains?! (Based on Chapter 220 of the Manga)
  • Master & Student: Take a listen of a tale of the Holy Mantra & his pupil. (Based on a Custom Character from ILOforma)
  • Reverent Livestreamer: Hit the streets as Hikaru Hoshi as he streams his search for his elder brother who he claims to have become a beast. (Based on my own custom character: Hikaru Hoshi)

Minigames: Probably the oddest decision, but maybe bring in the concept of minigames to take a break from the main game. I do feel like the Sports Festival will have this. Thanks to story events, the festival will be in the main story once. But maybe after going through the festival once, you can experience the games this sports festival offers with the inclusion of new games (Obviously). And even better, make it the minigame playground after visiting other odd jobs and the such.

Custom Music: I feel like this requires less effort to pull off, but it would be nice if players can listen to their own tracks for different vibes of battle or peace.

Be playable on all computers: I know that some people will complain that their computer won't be able to play this fan game with this restriction of Windows only this or Apple only that. I pray that this computer exclusive bullcrap doesn't happen.

Have multiple controller options: Fan Games like Super Smash Flash 2 or Sonic World have done this, so why not here?

Chibi Video Tutorials: Probably something I'd want to do if I can, but maybe bring in a mini-series that tells of the chibis of the MHA cast showing the ropes and some techniques the game can offer each character, or give each character their own video showing what they can do. I call doing the art though!

Well, those are some ideas this fan game would get. Any thoughts?



I love these suggestions! Side-stories with chibis (and normal characters) is a great way to introduce more content to the game without all the hassle of 3D animation work! (Especially love that we could base it off of existing material like the jump fiesta stuff, and that we could do more stuff with our custom characters!) Furthermore, the minigame idea is one we actually have in the works! But your specific idea of minigames at the sports festival wasn't something we had thought of yet! This could be so fun! We could have several small stories like Uraraka trying to get Deku to spend time with her by doing all these insane tasks with food vendors / fan-item vendors, and getting no where until the last moment when she ends up getting to watch the fireworks with him! Great ideas!