By: Acester1642

Heyo lads! Acester1642 here! I am pretty much your typical new guy who plays video games, watches anime, makes art and music, and doing some voice acting. Though the latter I am just a newborn baby on. I love to make new friends and learning to use VA work. I hope I can get along with ya guys!

Sample Audio


Tales Of Destiny 2: The Dreadnought (Music)


I do have a main OC I use universally for many RPs or Fan projects.

Name: Akira "Ace" Akihiro

Hero Motivation: To prevent the loss of loved ones after losing his parents that made him an orphan pretty much.

Alias: The Trending Hero: Live Streaker / Speed Star

Quirk: Laser Limbstreamer: Can turn his arms and legs into laser blades in combat and rollers respectively. All only available when he livestreams online.

Birthtown: Kanzakai (From a game called Under Night In-Birth. A fighting game with the general setting being "A bunch of super-powered assholes fighting in a city at night." -Majikura (SugarPunch Design Works)



Onto some Favorites and a fun fact...


Favorite Manga/Anime Franchise: My Hero Academia (No s***!)

     Favorite UA-Student: Fumikage Tokoyami

     Favorite Pro: Gang Orca

     Favorite Villian: Stain

     Favorite Moment: The dorm competition.

Favorite Game Genre: RPGs (Particularly though, the monster collecting RPGs like Pokemon, Digimon, or Yo-Kai Watch.)

Favorite Color: Lime Green

Favorite Voice Actor: Johnny Yong Bosch (And I even met the guy!)

Fun Fact: As of this post, I met the following English voice actors: Johnny Yong Bosch, Charles Martinet, Brittney Karbowski, Sean Schemmel, Ian Sinclair, Dameon Clarke, Colleen Clinkenbeard, Chuck Huber, Rachael Lillis, Christopher Sabat, and Monica Rial! I even got some of their autographs!


That's all the know how of me for now! Here's to getting along with ya!



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