By: Glyreen

Heyo! Im Glyce, also known as Deki/Dekishi on the BNHA amino or Glyreen/Glyce on discord!
Im an art contributor, hopefully turning into a full on art helper for the team soon after finishing my works for the game and website.
Im a slightly self taught artist that has been drawing for atleast 6-7 years, im hoping i could make it into a professional job of some kind!
Im currently in uk, however im from Poland.

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Fav characters in the series :

Im a curator in the  bnha amino while also taking a small part in the art side of the dev team, im doing my self to give my best for this project
Im currently going out for some VA roles but that may change. Im just your average person who likes anime and drawing
No im not a weeb i swear, i just like anime too much

One of my current works for the website that has been released to the public is my mei hatsume for the report bug page, you can find it there!
However im also working on other things to contribute to this game and web more, such as an another banner.

Thank you for reading, i hope i didnt waste much of your time!

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