By: Pudgy

Hello hello, everyone!

I'm Pudgy!

It's a pleasure to meet you all! I'm super duper uber excited to be here! I am a 14 year old teenage girl, who is currently obsessed with My Hero Academia. If that wasn't obvious already, haha... I'm mainly obsessed with the perverted grape though, yeah, bet you didn't expect that FROM A GIRL. Anyeways, imma give you all a little backstory on how exactly I ended up here, like what got me to watch MHA, and what I first thought of it, that kind of stuff! So, yeah, I hope you all enjoy this!!!

It was a normal day of school, y'know the usual. It was my second week and I just got into my new highschool, so of course I was still a bit overwhelmed with how different it was. I had came from a private middle school, so I went from a small school with only about 50 people, to a huge highschool. I was pretty nervous, so I was lucky that I had actually made a friend on the first day. He was really nice to me and introduced me to the school, he also had the same interests as me! So of course I ate my luch with him, he had brought his Switch to school and was playing a certain game we have all heard about... My Hero Academia: One's Justice. Now you might be saying,"But, Pudgy!! One's Justice hasn't even been released yet!" But that's incorrect. You see, the English dub of the game hadn't been released yet, but the Japanese version had been released! And even though he couldn't understand Japanese, he bought it early, so when I saw I had no idea what in the world any of that meant. I watched him play for a while before saying,"Hey, can I play? That looks pretty cool! What's it called?" He told me all about the game and let me play it, and I remember clearly that my first characters were... Eijiro Kirishima as my main, then Fumikage Tokoyami and Tsuyu Asui as my support characters for the round. Obviously I lost, but it was really fun, so I decided to watch the anime when I got home. So on Sunday I finally ended up watching it, and immediatley was hooked, I ended up finishing the anime thus far and decided to join the MHA Amino! I have been there for around over 50 days now, and I love it! Thanks to the featured post in Amino a week or so ago, I've joined this website and the Discord, and ready to help out in the developement, best I can!


Well, that's all for now!




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