By: Earl Grey

First off, the Hero Academia: Beyond Team would like to welcome you all to the newly launched website and this, the first of many events to come!

The website has introduced a shiny achievement system! Are you brave enough to attempt to collect the first ever event badges!?

This year we will be hosting 2 events for Halloween. Each will present you with a badge and one will offer an exciting prize!


Event: Wicked Blogger!

Create a blog post from your profile and select either the Halloween 2018: Fan Art -OR- Halloween 2018 Fan Fiction categories. If you post original content in either of these before October 30th, you will be eligible for an achievement badge.

Remember that All Content MUST be your own! Or you will not qualify for a badge.

Wicked Blogger Badge:

Event: Scavenger Hunt!

Hidden around the website are small halloween badges with letters attached to them. Go hunt for them around the website and collect all the letters. When you have them all, arrange them to create a secret word.
The badges may be hidden in strange places so be sure to look around.

Once you have your word you can submit it Here. Everyone who gets it right will earn a badge and one lucky winner will earn this year’s grand prize!

Here is the first letter to get you started!

Be sure to Enter Only Once! Multiple entries will not be counted. Please be sure to login before posting as some pages may only appear when logged out. ;)

Scavenger Hunt Badge:
(Will be released at end of event!)


Bonus Badge;

For anyone who signs up to the website before the end of the month (October 31st) you will be given a 'Pioneer' badge to show you was one of the first members of this growing community!

This badge will not be available again after this date so be sure to tell your friends to sign up now to get it!


HaPpY HaLlOwEeN!



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