By: Earl Grey

If you are reading this then you may very well be aware of the fact you are actually on a website for the My Hero Academia: Beyond Website! Oh Wow! :o

Yes, that's right! We have been working hard to bring you a place to learn all about the projects and it's development! Let's break it down, shall we?


What's this Tea thing?

First off, let me introduce myself. I go by the user handle 'Earl Grey' however you can call me Mike if you like ^^

I am a self taught Web Developer with a focus on PHP, HTML and CSS. I have been developing websites for several years, working across multiple projects.

My main skillset is in creating backend systems, this has allowed the project to use a backend admin panel where site admin can create blog posts (Such as this one) Manage users (If you forgot your password, we can help!) and a ticket system so you can easily communicate with the Project Developers! Among many other systems some of which you may never be aware of as they run quietly in the background, generating joy.


I apporached the Development Team while looking for a new project to work on and pitched the idea of the website, after some discussion we came up with a concept and put it to work. I admired the time they have put in on a completely non-profit project and after speaking with the team and learning how great each one of them are, I was determined to make this a new project for myself!


So let's talk a bit about the site I pitched!


Why a Website?

Websites are amazing tools when utilized correctly! Not only is a website a 'Home Base' but also a central hub for everyone to find the information they need about the project from News, Updates, Lore and much more!

Incorporating backend systems, this allows the developers to communicate with you (Via the ticket system) and create places for you to submit content and ideas of your own. While there are other tools around that can help with this, the backend system is a hub all of it's own, allowing developers to organize, track and communicate on content submitted. This helps to streamline everthing and lowers the chance something will be lost or forgotten about!


I personally would very much like any feedback you have about the website and functionality as this will allow me to create and modify the frontend to suit the needs of you, the users also!


How is it developed?

Keeping everything efficient and streemline is one of my priorities in any project. Any project can benefit from good organisation and use of the right tools! For the development of the site we opted to use Trello which allows us to create tasks, assign developers and track progress in a very efficient and clean interface. (A section of Trello, pictured right).


Our process works very straight forward

Ideas > To Do > Working On > Ready For Approval > Approved / Finished

We move cards(Tasks) between each of these lists so we know what stage every task is in, each of the cards are labeled to give a clear indication of the urgancy of the task and the focus. Finaly developers are added to the cards so it is clear who is working on what.



There is always plenty of work to do in Web Development and there are endless features we could implement. While it would be great to have all kinds of crazy things going on, it is also important to keep the scope of the site in mind. We won't be creating the next Facebook/Twitter here. But there will be tons of content regarding the development and lore of the game itself, along with plenty of things to interact with such as user submitted content and forums.


Time for Tea

So that's all I have regarding the initial website. I will be sure to update this blog as features are implemented and to keep you all updated on anything Web related. If you have any questions, please do feel free to give me a poke either in Discord or by filling in the 'Contact' section at the bottom of the homepage


Thank you for taking the time to read,

Earl Grey.



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I can't overstate how impressed I am with this website. Earl Grey did an incredible job (as I'm sure you all agree), and what's most amazing to me is he did almost all of it in under a week! If only developing the game could go that quickly. Thanks again!