By: Earl Grey

Hi there, nice to meet you!

I'm Earl Grey but known in the real world as Mike and I do Web Development for Hero Academia: Beyond.

My role is to develop web systems, monitor and track bugs and improve on the services where able. It's not always easy but I enjoy the challenge of building new systems like the 'Casting Call' system. - In the real world I am a Technical Specialist Advisor, helping clients with technical issues with connected devices. (Basically anything that connects to Wifi).

I come from a Community Management background and use that knowledge and experience to build a user-friendly experience with my web development. If you feel something on the site is confusing or doesn't feel straight-forward then please do let me know!

The thing I enjoy most about this project is the enthusiasm the team has to create something out of the simple enjoyment and passion for their work. It's refreshing to see a group give their time and effort to something with no expectation of anything in return! They don't limit themselves to just one definition of dedication but redefine the boundaries of what it means to create a truly amazing project and community.

I have had the pleasure to contribute toward an amazing project which I can only hope will gain more traction in the months to come and that each and every member of this website and the discord get behind the development team, continuously encourage the work they are putting in and show your appreciation as this will only help to fuel them into pouring their heart and soul into creating something spectacular!


Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope to see all of you around. A huge thank you to all of the teams Game Developers, Artists, Voice Actors and supporting members.

Should you have any issues, please do use the contact form on the homepage of the website or if you wish to report a bug, log in and select 'Report a Bug' from the user menu.


Chao for now,

Earl Grey.