By: ILOforma

Hey! I am an anime and manga enthusiast currently working as a 2D artist for the My hero academia fan game. I'm mostly responsible for character designs for the original characters that will be featured in the game. I'm working with writers (or a writer mostly) and other artists to bring the characters to life. Besides that I help out with other art related tasks. I also like to draw fan art of My hero academia in general and the art style of Kohei Horikoshi has greatly influenced my own drawing style. What I find so appealing in his art style is the simplicity mixed with variety and realism. At their core the designs are very simplistic and most characters have plain features but they're still distinct and full of personality. You can pretty much tell what each of them is all about just by their appearance. The plainness of the character designs mixes very well with the much more detailed costumes and backgrounds, allowing all the different elements to stand out on their own. Despite still maintaining it's cartoony appeal, Kohei's art style feels very down to earth. The characters may have somewhat exaggerated proportions but they still feel pretty natural.

I could try listing my favorite MHA characters but the variety of fun and interesting personalities is so vast it's almost impossible to me. And more characters keep showing up! But to list some of my faves: Kazuki Bakugo, Shota Aizawa, Hitoshi Shinso, Overhaul, Stain, and Inasa Yoarashi. Well, those are just some of the top ones. At the very least I don't hate any of the characters. Yes, not even Mineta. 

But that's it for my pretty short and not very informative introduction. Glad to be working on this fun little (or not so little) project!