By: Leznupar

Hey there, I'm Leznupar! Izuku Midoriya voice actor, newly appointed game artist, and assistent story developer. I've been around for a pretty long time and seen things grow as they have, but only recently have gotten the chance to help out beyond being a voice actor. Some art examples below!



Some concepts for an AU of my own where Izuku stays quirkless and aims to become
a child-friendly hero that relies primarily on support products since he has no quirk to compensate.































A fun speed-paint I did some time ago, wound up
being pretty rough but I'm still really happy with the end product!





Annndd some more, really old speedpaints some friends requested. I don't always do the painter-y style, from time to time I can do l ineart as well but its less common from me since I haven't gotten the hand of smooth lines yet.






Heres an example of my lineart work! Another old piece, but still one of my favorite.




Pg family friendly izuku! :OI love ur art lezi-

I really like the alternative universe concept! Maybe that's what Mirio will do in the actual show. Not sure if you've read the manga, but if so this should make sense