By: Shantei


Quirk: ability to manupilate and control earth(rocks, dirt, grass, trees, leaves, flowers, plants, vines,etc...)

Age: somewhere around 15


Personality: Is rather hyper and can be extreamly hot-headed. Is rather cold to people at first, but will be more kind and such the longer she knows you. Loves nature, and spends a majority of her time outside, playing video games, or drawing. She is extreamly kind and loves to joke and play around. When she gets bored, like bored out of her mind bored, she likes to make plants and such grow from the ground, which can be a problem. She's an expert when it come to nature and connects extreamly well with animals, not so much for people, though.  Her diet mostly consists of berries and raw meat, but likes a few sweets here and there. She can be crazy at times, and laughs ALOT, but only because she's mentally unstable. She has an extreamly small ego and will likely save someone else before she saves her own life. 


Shantei maxherio




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