By: Sirius


Name: Alato Archer

Quirk: Tornado, not only can he control the wind/air around him like Inasa, he can create his own wind to manipulate as well. If he creates his own winds he can get deliver more powerful attacks but it will take more energy from him.



Hurricane Blow:Alato concentrates a large amount of his quirks power into his fist, then punches his target or even just the around. This punch can create winds equal to or even more than a category five hurricane. When Alato says this move he says, "Hurricane Blow: Category(1-6)" or Hurricane Blow: (1-6)" depending on much force he wants to use. Since category 6 hurricanes arent real i made up how fast their winds are, 157-195 mph.


Zephyr Blade: Alato Creates an axe of hardened air, this blade can only last for a certain amount of time.


Tornado Uppercut: Alato Jumps up with the power of wind and delivers an uppercut.


Tempest Flow: using the power of the wind around him alato is able to use increase his speeds to again those of category 6 hurricanes (157-195 mph), with this technique he can also fly, and it also allows him to use less power of his quirk since he doesnt have to create the wind himself.


Typhoon crusher: Using the Zephyr axe alato delivers a deadly crushing strike.






speed: 5/5


technique: 3/5


intelligence: 4/5


cooperativeness: 4/5


Total: 20


I cant draw so ill just describe his looks


Alato is well built similar to deku, bakugou, and todoroki,


5'9 in height


hair: blood red in color a little above his shoulders and its color


He has dark skin and black eyes.




Alato loves to have a good laugh so and loves to make others laugh so he'll often crack jokes in order to cheer others up or light the mood. He's a bit clumsy but of course he'll laugh at anytime he falls. Yet when he gets serious hes not one to be messed with, pissing him off seems to increase his power.


Alato would fit into the story as a transfer student from America, he wants to become a hero and heard about UA highschool from his father who went there for his job.


please point out any typos to me.



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