By: Triggy


So I have multiple quirk ideas that I'll be sharing when I'm free, but as in the midsts of trial exams right now, for today I just want to share the quirk(s) that my OC has as two seperate ideas for players.


Quirk type: Emitter

Fighting style: Close-range combat and far-range

Quirk description: User can shoot celestial beams out of any part of their body including soles of feet, palms, and for advanced learners, places like the chest and back.

Quirk tips: Body must be exposed to generate beams! The only exceptions are specific equipments that help with the quirk's ability.
To create a stronger, more focused beam, user should use equipment such as lensed shoe soles and glove palms; this could be a form of "level up" if you will when the player enhances their skill enough.

Quirk pros: User is able to shoot beam from practically anywhere, so if captured they could still attack.
The power also makes for very strong martial arts moves, such as more extremely powerful kicks and punches.
As it is a beam, the user can fight long and short ranged.

Quirk cons: It can use a lot of energy; this quirk draws out energy from within the body and outputs it into powerful celestial attacks, thus overuse can result in feeling faint or nauseous.



Quirk type: Emitter

Fighting style: Close range

Quirk description: At close contact, the user is able to break the mind of the person they look at, temporarily mentally paralysing them. The affects last up to 8 minutes before the enemy comes to again.

Quirk tips: This quirk can be put to good use if used on enemies that require holding back more than others (e.g., use the quirk on Dabi to prevent yourself from being burnt alive whilst you or one of your teammates sneaks up on a more focused enemy such as Shigaraki or a Nomu), but can be unstable so should not be abused.

Quirk pros: Good at restricting stronger/more persistant enemies

Quirk cons: Can't be thrown at enemies left and right; there is a limit of 2 enemies max, as beyond that, the mental paralysis begind to affect you (e.g., say you paralysed 3 enemies, that's 24 minutes of slight mental paralysis for you (hallucinations, dizziness, migranes)). Also, as mentioned before, this quirk can be unstable, so be wary of who you look at! Suggest an eyepatch or long fringe...


I'll post some villain quirks when I'm next free!! Plus Ultra ✊🏽



Okay so today I wanted to suggest a quirk that would be for an NPC in all honesty, as it's too OP for a regular player to have. I created this particular quirk for a villain, 'Raconteur' , AKA Kurai Monogatari, who has a verbal quirk that alters the current circumstance.

Quirk: Storyteller

Quirk type: Emitter

Fighting style: Mixed; he can either be in the same room as the person who's circumstance he's manipulating, or simply know where they are to be able to make the quirk work, but it requires a lot more focus

Quirk description: Any story Raconteur tells comes to life; this quirk makes him practically invincible, as he is able to control the whole playing field whilst others can merely try to escape his stories

Quirk tips: [none to give]

Quirk pros: Posessing this quirk means any move your enemy makes towards you, you can simply counter with a change in the "storyline"; e.g. Midoriya goes to attack with OFA - "But what he didn't know, is that there was a giant aligator right in his way!" *aligator appears*

Quirk cons: The way to defeat the user of this quirk is to find the loopholes in his storylines; Raconteur tends to overuse a lot of the same plots, just with different settings. Once you figure out what happens next, you can find an opening and a way to defeat him.
Raconteur keeps a bottle of water next to him to prevent his throat from running dry. If he runs out of water, his throat becomes dry and he can't speak properly; you take away his water, you take away his voice. If put in game, this could be a mission: dodge the objects from the story he's telling and retrieve the water.