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Become the voice of a Hero Academia: Beyond legend! With our all new Casting Call feature, you can upload your voice auditions for any of the revealed Hero Academia characters! Our Admin team will review the auditions and contact you for any further updates and information. All you need to do is Register Here to begin your journey!

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Do not worry if you see a role you want to apply to in ‘First Picks’. Unless a role is ‘Casted’ you are still free to apply! First Picks only show the current favorite; something that could always change. Think you can push yourself to the limit, and Go Beyond? Do you strive to be better than everyone else?! Then be sure to submit your audition while it’s still possible! Plus Ultra!


Do you have a creative mind? Do you have what it takes to tear the mold with brilliant and eye catching ideas? Then you might just have what it takes to be a part of an ever growing community of volunteers, who aim to bring the universe of Hero Academia: Beyond into reality. We are always looking for new and talented people who can help breathe life into our vision. So, don’t hesitate to use the contact form at the bottom of the page or reach out to one of the Officials on Discord if you feel like you have something to contribute with!


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Still thirsty for content? Well, the community is free to create their own blogs as well! All registered users can use the ‘+Submit’ button found on their profile page to upload fanfiction, community projects and much more! To have a browse just click ‘Blog’ on the menu above!

Demo One Preview

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The first version of the demo has officially been released! Head over to #demo-download on our Discord to find it. Enjoy, and go beyond!

The aim for the game is open world action and adventure, which focuses mostly on an original plot line centered around canon characters AND game-original characters not introduced in the canon anime. This is similar to how an anime movie works: typically adding new unique characters and stories to an existing universe without breaking canon events. We plan to allow multiple outcomes at the end of the game based on player decisions throughout the game (sort of like the Fallout series). And we plan to have open world gameplay work similar to the PS4 hit, "Marvel's Spider-Man." That kind of game takes a lot of work, so our short term goal is a mini-game demo.

We plan to implement a multiplayer mode in which players can create their own custom heroes and free roam the city doing good or evil acts to change their reputation as a hero or villain. We plan to spawn events where players can face off on a team of heroes against a team of villains (both player characters and NPC's) for big reputation boosts. Players will have special rewards for gaining a spot amongst the ranks of the top heroes or most wanted villains. Of course, this high reputation as a hero or villain also comes with the drawback that players will become bigger targets for their enemies, so tread carefully!

Another note: Because we don't have the money or resources to host multiplayer on a large server of our own, players will need to host their own multiplayer game sessions on their computers. More details to come as we hash out the code base for multiplayer.

All characters listed on casting call will be in the game, plus some more not revealed. Most of them will be playable in free roam. Not all will be playable in the story. More characters will be added to the casting call as they appear in the anime.

Here is a link to the casting call page.

All this information is also at the top of the Casting Call page. See Below:

The videos below provide valuable information on how to meet these standards and make quality material for casting calls!

Yes, you can! In fact we encourage you to do so as we plan on having both a singleplayer where game-original characters will exist, but also a multiplayer; both of which needs tons of ideas to be complete. So, if you have and idea, you can send that in in the form of a blog post here on the website. Within your Profile there is a ‘+Submit Blog’ button, where you can properly send in your concepts and thoughts. So, if you have an idea, don’t hesitate to shoot it our way!

If you have a skill you think could be useful to the game you can contact us, either here or on the Discord Server. By contacting one of the Officials on the game you can send in your portfolio, or display your prowess in another way, and we will base our judgement on that.

Well, for example me writing this; Loki, the lead writer (Hello ^^). But of course we have many awesome people working with modelling, art, animation, music etc. All of these people you can find information about under About Us.

CPU: Intel Core i5-2400 or AMD Phenom II X6 1100T.

RAM: 4 GB.

OS: Windows 7 SP1 64-bit.

VIDEO CARD: GeForce GTX 750 Ti or Radeon HD 7950.

SOUND CARD: DirectX compatible soundcard or onboard chipset.



First, the ‘+Submit Blog’ button. Pretty straight forward, this button allows you to make blogs on the website. But, as stated below it, it is quote “...to submit game ideas, fan-art, community projects, discuss anime/manga/cosplay/funny and fan fiction”. Blogs are then the posts you can make containing an idea you want to send in, or the like.

If that happens, you will know, and we will contact you with further information when that happens.

Oops! we made sure there was a safe guard in place for this. We can recover your blog. Please submit a ticket via the contact form on the homepage and we can get that recovered

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