UA Year 3 Student

Location: Warrington, England



Hello, I'm Mike! :3
Feel free to reach out to me on Discord if you have any questions.
Alternatively you can use the 'Contact' form on the homepage with questions or issues!

Earl Grey

Event: Halloween 2018

First off, the Hero Academia: Beyond Team would like to welcome you all to the newly launched website and this, the first of many events to come! The website has introduced a shiny achiev...

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Website Features

Looking at the website, on the surface it may not look like much at all. That is until you break down everything that makes up a website. I have previously made a blog post explaining the re...

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I'm Earl

Hi there, nice to meet you! I'm Earl Grey but known in the real world as Mike and I do Web Development for Hero Academia: Beyond. My role is to develop web systems, monitor ...

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Creating a Website!

If you are reading this then you may very well be aware of the fact you are actually on a website for the My Hero Academia: Beyond Website! Oh Wow! :o Yes, that's right! We have been ...

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