Best Jeanist

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Line 1: I’ve received an emergency summons and must leave this place in your hands, be strong as heavyweight denim. The smartest tailor-made suits keep the fabric of society safe
Line 2: Think about the situation. A moment of hesitation could decide the fight. We can’t let these villains try anything
Line 3: Difficulty and importance are two very different things rookie. Riot squad get the transports ready, there could be more of them. Be on your guard.

Hakamata Tsunagu (袴田維「はかまたつなぐ」), also known as Fiber Hero: Best Jeanist (ファイバーヒーロー ベストジー二スト), was the former No. 4, now No. 3 Pro Hero and recipient of the "Best Jeanist" award for eight consecutive years.

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