By: alexwithaa21

Sutoreji Khest has a quirk called ”Storage”. He has a tiny dimension where time is all frozen. He can make a blue bubble with a web like effect all over it off the edge of his hand,if he stretches it too far then it strains on him alot,which is why he trains by stretching the bubble as much as possible. The bubble can not be touched,but, if an object is fully submerged inside the bubble it will seemingly disappear,but in reality it is being teleported into the tiny dimension and be frozen in time. Living things cannot be transferred into this dimension. Whenever Sutoreji wants,he can bring the object back within the area of his bubble,and the object will shoot out at the same speed that it was when it was captured. So if an arrow was shot at him, later on he can shoot the arrow back at the same speed as it was frozen. He can also capture fire,electricity,water,high speed air,and basically anything that isn't alive,it doesn't have to be physical. His name Sutoreji means storage in japanese and is pronounced (SUE-TOE-REGGIE),and Khest is just chest but with a K and is pronounced the same as chest. He is a male and 16 and quite friendly. I'll leave all freedom of design up to anyone if it gets accepted.

Thanks!(づ。 ◕‿‿◕。) づ



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